We all know that focusing on SEO techniques would improve our ranking in the search engines. One of the important aspects that we must know is that a search engine lists a page in a website and not the website as a whole, based on the keyword that a viewer searches for. So it is necessary to focus keenly on on-page errors to improve our SEO efforts in making our website rank high in prominent search engines.

Optimization of a web page

Generally a web page is optimized with a keyword which is nothing but a word that is popularly used for searches by visitors of the site. Our SEO effort is lost when a page is optimized for a wrong keyword. Our webpage will lose its ranking in prominent search engines because of the usage of wrong keywords for optimizing the web page. Another major on-page error would be to dump the keywords unnecessarily in order to make the page rank high in the search engines. Instead of gaining a good ranking, the page will be listed as spam, if the density of keywords used is not proper.


It is highly important not only to focus on valuable content but also to focus on the spelling and grammar. If there exist some spelling or grammatical errors in the web page, there will be a setback in our SEO efforts. Informative content, simple in style without spelling and grammatical errors would be professional and would rank high for the professional work done.


When there are broken links in a web page with errors like ‘page not found’ being displayed, our SEO efforts would be pushed backward. We would not achieve a good ranking since it would be unprofessional to have web pages with broken links. The web pages have to be tested for links to other pages and links within the page, so that our website achieves a high ranking. As a positive step towards our SEO effort to achieve a high ranking, we may try to have back links to our web page. But the websites that point to our website should be quality websites. If you provide poor quality back links, your SEO effort will be lowered. It is also not a good sign to receive hundreds of back links in a single day, which will be traced by the search engine as an act of poor SEO effort. So it is necessary to take care of the back link quality as well as number of back links provided each day to our web page. It is also highly significant to use keywords as the title for the hyperlinks provided in a web page in order to optimize a page.

We need to take care of not using the black hat techniques like dumping a page with keywords in white text with white back ground, which would totally spoil our professional SEO effort. These are unhealthy practices as far as the SEO is concerned. It is always good to use healthy techniques in order to achieve a good ranking in the search engines.

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